As long as a brand has been enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry, it can create a brand store featuring products, marketing messages, videos, and additional imagery. If your brand is not yet registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry, then you need to register it in order to be eligible

  1. When selecting your brand link on Amazon, the Brand Store will replace the default search results page

  2. Accounts in Seller Central and Vendor Central can be used to create Brand Stores

  3. Your Brand Store can be directly linked to Sponsored Brand Ads

  4. In addition to appearing on desktop and mobile browsers, Amazon Brand Stores will be available through the Amazon app

  5. In order to implement a storefront, our brand needs to be registered on Amazon’s Brand Registry

Take time to focus on your brand

Your brand’s recognition can play a crucial role in influencing a buyer’s decision to purchase your products.Consumers are becoming more aware of the importance of differentiating products from other brands and from counterfeit products as more and more products appear on Amazon.Brand Stores on Amazon serve as mini-websites for brands, providing them with a great way to introduce their catalog of products to their clients and to establish brand awareness.A Brand Store can be designed in a way that the look and feel can match your brand, serve as a platform to market your products, and visually tell your brand’s story.

Teach Your Audience

Brands have access to the most enhanced content on Amazon Stores are the most flexible.Brand Stores can be utilized for a number of different purposes.communicate with consumers about the brand.Brand Stores allow you to showcase products in action through lifestyle images or introduce customers to products they might not have known you sell.On Amazon, a Brand Store can be composed of product listings, product or lifestyle imagery, marketing content, videos, and more.

Increase traffic to your brand's store

Brand Stores allow you to focus on brand messaging and give consumers more information about your products, but they can be used as a landing page for both internal and external traffic as well.With Sponsored Brand Ads, you can drive direct traffic directly to your store within Amazon’s ecosystem, which has been shown to be a more effective option than other advertising options. Additionally, you can leverage the power of Amazon Brand Ads to increase visibility beyond Amazon.In Store Insights, you can analyze traffic and sales reports to determine how to optimize your marketing strategy and identify new ways to drive customers to Amazon.