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The model is to make enterprise applications including enterprise resource planning concepts that will be delivered within time constraints under the supervision of designers and professional software developers. We believe to follow the design patterns and software production life cycles including steps from user requirement analysis up to optimization phase.
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AML Logistics (PVT) Ltd.
AML Logistics (PVT) Ltd.
Awais Afzal | COO
I am writing to thank you on behalf of AML Logistics for the quality of IT services provided by GENXAPP. We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious & tailored made customer services, the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated on our ERP, WMS and IT Solutions, the way you provided all IT related solutions under one umbrella with value added services.  GENXAPP has shown the excellent spirit of strategic partnership. Wish such successful business relationship may last forever. Here, special thanks to Mr. Usman Puri (GENXAPP CEO)
AMG Thauunion Feedmill
AMG Thauunion Feedmill
Abdul Rehman
The GENXAPP work has improved the client’s operations, and their tool has been praised for its high quality. They are communicative, perceptive, and flexible — they’ve pivoted their approach after initial difficulties. A true partner, they’re interested in the project’s long-term success.
The Bentley
The Bentley
Tehreem Saigol | CEO
I am in debt to Mr. Osman Puri for his help in starting The Bentley Boutique Hotel . Thank you !